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Eco-Cem is made locally in the Bay of Plenty, right here in New Zealand.

Eco-Max is made with a mix of Eco-Cem and Xtra-Cem (GP) cement to create a superior concrete with 20-65 percent less carbon.

It’s not only an environmentally friendly choice, it’s more durable and has an enhanced design life.

Key Benefits

High Performance

Eco-Cem cement has a creamier finish and shrinks less, therefore produce better foundations, floors and precast panels.


Eco-Max is hard wearing with a denser finish meaning a longer design life and better chemical and stain resistance.

Low Shrinkage

Concrete made with Eco-Cem has a lower shrinkage performance.

Cost Competitive

Eco-Max is a cost competitive product with standard GP Cement.

Reduced Thermal Expansion

Eco-Cem is ideal for large concrete pours as it reduces the risk of thermal cracking.

Reduced Alkali Aggregate Reaction

Eco-Cem helps to minimise the risk of alkali-silica reaction in concrete.

Superior Finish

Pozzolanic cements have a creamier and denser finish which create an overall superior finish to your concrete projects.

Lower Embodied Carbon

The SCMs (Supplementary Cementitious Materials) substitutes the cement and creates 20-65% less embodied carbon which means we are doing our part to create a sustainable future for New Zealand.

True GP Cement Replacement

Eco-Max concrete can replace up to 70% of GP cement. GP cement contains 823kgs of embodied carbon per tonne, where Eco-Cem contains only 120kgs per tonne.

For more information on Eco-Max, checkout the brochure below for your region (PDF download):



Hawkes Bay & Bay of Plenty:

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