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City West

Phone Number:

09 828 5888

East Tamaki

Phone Number:

09 273 3554


Phone Number:

09 296 5567

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Decorative Mixes

We offer a range of different mixes - suited to whatever your needs may be.

See the options available in Auckland below:

A small round pebble for a smooth finish, for driveways, patios and paths.

Hawkes Bay 10mm

Using black oxide gives a mid gray colour and helps make the exposed look more even.

Hawkes Bay 10mm,
with 10kg Black Oxide

A smooth round pebble that is perfecf for driveways and paths.

Hawkes Bay 16mm

Using black oxide gives a mid gray colour and helps make the exposed look more even.

Hawkes Bay 16mm,
with 10kg Black Oxide

A round, natural stone often used for pathways, gardens and decorative areas.


A combination of rich earth tones - brown, cream and gold pebbles. Often used for pathways, garden beds and decorative areas.


A strong, durable chip with a distinctive red colour. Often used for driveways, patios and paths.

McCallum's Red Chip

Note: The final appearance of the exposed mixes is entirely dependent on the placing contractor who controls the depth and uniformity of the exposure through their workmanship. As the stone is sourced from a river, from time to time there will be small sticks or other items in the surface – while every effort is made to minimise this risk, it is normal and expected and is not a reason for complaint.

Please be aware that these photos are not representative of the final product. They are sample photos. To see real-life representations of these pebbles in concrete, please check out our paver samples at our Papakura branch.


Colour can take your project to the next level. Patios, paths, pools surrounds & driveways can all be improved and enhanced, using the range of colours shown below.


We use, and recommend colour from Peter Fell Limited - as like us, they are the industry leader.

Click here for more information (on their website).

Here are the colour options we supply:

Sandstone Range

Terracotta Range

Stone Range

Brown Range

Charcoal Range

Neutral Range

Note: All plants can order and add any colour, but will normally only carry stock of black, brown and red oxide colours. If you need a colour outside of these, please contact your preferred location first before purchasing.


We have three plants in the Auckland region which enables us to cover most areas. 

To make an order, or to enquire about the status of an order, please contact your local site:

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